You Broke Tho?

It’s another day/night.

I work overnight shifts, so my days are my nights and my nights are my days and sometimes there’s this weird in between of day-nights and night-days where I don’t know the date, how to tie my shoes, or which way is up, and in that case I lay on my back on the floor and follow the patterns on the ceiling.

This site may be new but I am not new to blogging. I have an article on Mad in America, which you can read here, and I have another blogsite that I’ve ran for the last four years entitled Mental Truths which you can read here. Both are mental health related.

Why then, did I start this new site? Well, sometimes I like to talk about things other than the fucked up monstrosity that is my mental health. Sometimes I like to rant about politics and rip rappers to shreds and delve deep into philosophy, and even if no one reads it, I enjoy it.

I also started this site, as I think I stated in my first post a few days ago, because I get these pent up rants about ridiculous stories I hear, or articles I read, or videos I see, and I do not vent them when they certainly, quite obviously, need venting. My most recent rant which I’ve burdened my friends’ ears with is Airpods.

Fuck Airpods. Fuck people who walk around talking to themselves. I was doing that before it was cool. Talking to the voices in my head. True story.

I do, however, love some of the memes about them. Here are some gems.

What cracks me up the most about all this is that people act like Airpods are the only expensive wireless earbuds out there. And, of course, that there are reviews from Apple followers which say the sound “isn’t that great” but still recommends people buy them. Because they’re Apple? Even Apple recommends the Bose wireless Bluetooth earbuds on their own site. Don’t believe me? Click this link.

Undoubtedly, they are superior in sound, in look, in feel, and, are actually more expensive. So, if you’re looking to appear “rich” for whatever self-indulgent reason, buy a pair of Bose.

Can you tell I’m an Android and Windows user? Mostly by choice, but also by convenience and finances. If I could waste money on a computer priced as a small used 2000 Honda Civic I’d probably own a Macbook or a gaming computer.

I do have complaints about this AMD processor. It’s got the processing power of some alien device that rests somewhere between an Intel i3 and i5. So it’s not quite as slow as an i3 would be running premier pro, BUT, it doesn’t have the speed or consistency an i5 would possess. This is some kind of unnamed hybrid. It will play Lego Batman, though.

Right now my broke ass is rocking some bluetooth SkullCandy sport earphones that wrap around your neck and kind of have wires but they slip into a little plastic holding so the wires don’t hang around and get caught on shit. They were a thirty dollar investment and last night at work while bumping to some J. Cole the bluetooth kept skipping and I just about bit my tongue off and launched them across the room.

Are any of these things really worth the money we pay for them, though? Thinking about where the resources come from, who has to make them (especially when it comes to diamonds and cell phones), and how much money we spend yearly on updating these items. There are some people who buy a new Iphone every time a new one comes out. That, to me, is baffling. I kept my old Samsung for four years and only got a new one when it tried forcing me to factory reset. I’d submerged it in water multiple times, it was a victim of many of my old anger tantrums, and I’d cracked it on the concrete and that thing held on for dear life. It worked for me until it couldn’t anymore.

At this point, I’m rambling. I’m hungry, I have to go to work in an hour and a half for another overnight shift, and it’s colder than a witch’s tit.

Perhaps I’ll come up with something more mentally stimulating tomorrow.

For now,

Go out and Dab on ’em.

*Edit* I legit made a category referring to Airpods because I knew at some point I would mention them. This is the first of many, I’m sure.


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