Let The White Kids Say. . .

. . . I am highly privileged, particularly if I am a male, and sometimes I have trouble admitting this.

That’s the politically correct 2019 answer.

The 2018 “fuck your PC Principal Language” Leakaveli answer would simply be: “Nigga”.

Now, as a perfectly average, but perhaps rather unique african-american individual, I immediately leaned with the beat of this song linked above and subsequently rocked with it, threw a like to the “Give this man a Nobel Peace Prize” comment on YouTube and laughed at the following “this man has solved racism” comments.

As Leakaveli (perhaps a fifth cousin four times removed of Makaveli? R.I.P Tupac) moon-walked quite gracefully across his hardwood floors with a confederate flag beneath his feet, I took a moment to wonder if solving racism could be that simple. I mean, we already have handfuls of people across the world that believe discrimination was eradicated fifty years ago, so is that the answer? Ignore it and it will go away? Perhaps.

Logically, if everyone ignored everyone’s race, racism would cease to exist. But, let one person slip up, that one fucking person walking down the street with wired earphones and a home button on his generation-irrelevant Iphone with a spider-crack across his screen cross the street purposefully when an ethnic person walks past him, or let one ethnic person play the victim card with “are you doing this because I’m *insert ethnicity representing the level of melanin in their skin*?”, and we’re plunged terrifyingly back into an abyss of racial slurs, hatred, fear, and trauma. It indeed goes two ways. And for a reason.

This is my first post on this blog. Will I always talk about race? Christ, no. In fact, I’m not here to blurt out words I believe are right to try and convert everyone to my way of thinking. We’ll leave that to the 12 year old 30-something year old’s that are the majority of YouTube’s vast audience. I, however, wish to do the opposite. I wish to, wholeheartedly, wholesomely, and eloquently, take the piss out of everything I come across. This will mean quite a few reviews and “blog reactions” to popular, underrated, new, old, diseased, cancerous, 2019, 2235 Mixtapes (#Dashie reference), videos, articles, news snippings, books, poems, technology, quotes, mental health opinions, science, everyday passing conversation my nosy little ears happen to come by, and whatever else life treats me to.

I will never talk about something I don’t have knowledge in. For example, I wouldn’t delve into a conversational post about Topography or glass blowing or what it takes to be a digital developer on Porn websites. All perfectly fine, PG/PC/Non-Gender-Binary/Gluten free topics, of course, but I, alas, lack any proper understanding of any of those to present an informed, objective (or, at least, an attempt at such), blog post.

I started this site because I often find myself annoyed, disgruntled, disturbed, elated, and most importantly, hunched over from laughter at the ridiculousness we’ve dragged from 2018 into 2019 and wish to share these thoughts with the world. If you care to care, that’s wonderful. If you care not to care, that is also wonderful. You are safe here.

Is that a thing we stay this year, too? Is being safe Gluten Free? Because I googled all my symptoms online and I’m pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance that isn’t related to Celiac’s Disease which is currently the only true gluten intolerance. Whenever I eat bread my right foot cramps and one of my fingers falls off. I’m not quite sure how I’m typing this given I only have two fingers left, but I’m managing. I don’t know if I trust the signs in Safeway that tell me my ground beef and tomatoes are gluten free.

Welcome to Rant, Rave, Dab, Repeat.

Dab on ’em!


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